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‘CultureShift’ Initiative Helps Camps Create Safe Environments in the #MeToo Era

By Esther D. Kustanowitz, Jewish Journal, August 14, 2019

While Moving Traditions had already been working with camps since 2015 on issues around harassment and consent, “#MeToo really raised the alarm for the Jewish community and the wider world that we can’t ignore them anymore,” said
Moving Traditions founder and CEO Deborah Meyer.

“What makes camp so special and unique is our intentionality, from the songs we sing, the activities we provide, to how we speak to one another,” said Dr. Aviva Levine Jacobs, director of camper care at Camp Ramah in California and a Moving Traditions camp advisory board member. “CultureShift addresses that intentionality around sensitive topics that touch all of our lives.”

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Camps Embrace Training in #MeToo Era

By Eric Schucht, Jewish Exponent, July 12, 2019

Summer camp has always been an opportunity for teens to have an impactful experience during a formative period of their lives. And in the wake of the #MeToo movement, the conversations during the camp experience have begun to change, leading to a shift in the culture of summer camp staff training.

In April, the Jenkintown-based nonprofit Moving Traditions hosted a two-day training event as a part of CultureShift, a new initiative aimed at challenging sexism and preventing sexual harassment and assault at camp. Fifteen senior staffers from nine Jewish overnight camps from across the country were present, including leaders from three camps in the Philadelphia area: Habonim Dror Camp Galil, Camp Havaya and Camp Ramah in the Poconos. The aim was to allow camps to have conversations revolving around sexism, identity and power dynamics in a safe environment in order to develop tools and strategies to improve camp life and safety.

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How Kol Koleinu Gave One Teen a Stronger Sense of Self

How Kol Koleinu Gave One Teen a Stronger Sense of Self

I applied to Kol Koleinu with the hopes of turning my limited knowledge of feminism from RBG being a cool woman to a broader understanding of feminism. I quickly achieved these goals through slideshows and interactive conversations. Over the year, I learned about gender socialization, gender inclusion, body positivity, reproductive rights, and intersectional feminism. But more importantly, Kol Koleinu has been about exploring my own self, bridging the gap between my female and my Jewish identities.

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A New Program Offers A Space For Non-Binary Mitzvahs

By Simone Somekh, Forward, April 25, 2019

After coming out, Kollin thought it would have been great if the organization had an LGBTQ-oriented variation of its programming.

“They had it for guys and for girls,” they said. “What about the LGBT teens?”

Last year in October, Kollin’s wish came true when Moving Traditions partnered with another organization, JQ International, to start a new monthly social and educational program for LGBTQ Jewish teenagers in L.A.

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