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Gender, Sex, and Power at Jewish Summer Camp

This spring, senior educators from Moving Traditions will be facilitating three trainings for professionals from the camps in the Foundation for Jewish Camp network.

We will ask some tough questions: What counts as harassment? What does “consent” mean – for staff or for teen campers? How might female-identified and male-identified staff view harassment or consent differently? What actions can camp leaders and staff take to decrease the amount of romantic or sexual pressure that adolescent campers experience at camp?

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Are Jewish Men Pigs?

Personal Reflections on the role of Jewish education in the wake of #metoo

…the more I have thought about the Jewish men in the headlines, the more I have been considering the role that family dynamics, religious teachings, communities, and social conditions all play in forming our sexual fantasies, sexual experiences, and sexual ethics.

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LA Teens Together – Powered by Moving Traditions!

On May 21, join with teens from all over LA for the first-ever gathering of its sort, LA Teens Together – Powered by Moving Traditions! You’ll get to meet other girls and guys who participate in Rosh Hodesh and Shevet Achim—and join in fun activities and lively discussions. Snacks and refreshments provided!

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