Video Series: Facilitation Tips for Online Groups

Video #1: Physical Activities/Energizers for Teen Groups on Zoom

Are your teens frustrated by sitting for yet another Zoom meeting? Break that monotony by getting participants moving in big and small ways. From physical activities you can use as icebreakers to ways to infuse curricular pieces with some level of movement, you will learn ways to help your teens feel energized, connect to one another, and most importantly, have fun!

Video #2 Facilitation in the Zoom Space: Ways to Get Teens to Open Up and Talk

It’s no secret that the Zoom space can be a difficult place to engage in meaningful conversation. Yet we know that making sure every teen’s voice is heard at least once in a meeting can be a critical part of having that teen feel a sense of belonging. This video will take you through a series of simple techniques that can help get your teens to contribute to the conversation in ways that feel comfortable.