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What is the long-term impact of Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing?

rsz_mt_digital_email_comp_v1_031715-01We hear that girls in Rosh Hodesh love the program, recommend it to friends, and feel that it strengthens their connections to the Jewish community. But what about long-term outcomes?

Guided by Dr. Pearl Beck and Dr. Tobin Belzer, two leading social scientists in the field of evaluation, Moving Traditions is embarking on a national research project.

The goal is to learn both from past participants who are currently at least 16 years old how the program has affected their attitudes and behavior and to learn from group leaders about the impact of the program on their lives.

“Findings will be framed as recommendations,” say Beck and Belzer, “to inform decisions about modifying and improving the Rosh Hodesh program as it moves forward.”

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