Kulam FAQs

What is the Kulam program? 

Kulam, meaning “Everyone,” is a series of approximately 1-hour, experiential, curricular sessions designed for Jewish educators to use in a regular Hebrew High setting. Each hour features dialogue prompts, games, Jewish texts, and other activities that focus on a specific area of social-emotional learning that resonates with teens and helps them learn to relate to and communicate with one another. These sessions are written for use in-person. If you are planning on offering them online, we would be happy to consult with you individually to adapt them for online use. Click here to request a sample session.  

Who is this program for? 

The Kulam curriculum is ideally for any 8th-10th graders of all genders. Single-grade classes are certainly easier to handle, though we have seen partners pilot this program successfully in multi-grade classrooms. 

How does the Kulam curriculum work? 

We are launching phase two of our pilot in the 2021-2022 school year and plan on having 15 sessions available for our partners. We ask that partners use a minimum of nine sessions. These sessions are themed around three concentric circles: Me/The Self, Relationships/Family and Community/World. 

What do I have to do as a pilot partner? 

Moving Traditions is a research-based organization. As we head into phase 2 of piloting this program we are eager to gather your feedback about the curriculum, the flow of the sessions and your experience.  We ask that at least one person from each partner site takes part in the following: Attend training, complete evaluations about individual sessions, attend a mid-year educator check-in, complete an end of year educator evaluation, Attend an end of year educator check-in. 

Is there a training for this program? 

Read more about our Kulam training here. 

How much does the program cost? 

Please contact your Moving Traditions staff person to discuss pricing.


Partner Application
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