Start a Group

Parents play a crucial role in bringing Moving Traditions’ model of Jewish engagement to their pre-teen and teenage sons and daughters.

Here’s what you need to know to get started:

What grade levels are best for Moving Traditions’ programs?

Rosh Hodesh can begin with girls as young as eighth grade — and groups can be launched for any grade up through high school.

Shevet is geared for boys entering the eighth grade. To date, it has been successfully implemented with boys in grades 8-10.

Is the program appropriate for all denominations?

Yes. While most groups meet in Reform or Conservative contexts, Orthodox and secular institutions successfully operate groups as well.

Are the programs only for synagogues?

All different kinds of Jewish institutions operate the programs, from Hebrew High Schools to day schools to JCCs, while most groups are offered through congregations. Some parents have even formed independent groups in their neighborhoods.

What is the ideal group size?

We recommend that groups are between 8-12 participants.

Why are Moving Traditions’ programs gender separate?

We value co-education, but we have seen that pre-teens and teens receive overwhelming benefits when they are in same-gender groups. These gatherings create the safety to explore the ways in which gender expectations and gender roles shape their lives. Same-gender groups also provides them the opportunity to learn from a mentor who shares the challenges of their gender identity.

How do we get started?

Contact Sarah Fox for more information.

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