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How You Can Help Make Your Child’s Group a Success

While Moving Traditions’ groups are private and confidential for the participants, there are numerous ways in which you as a parent can help make your son’s or daughter’s group a success. Parent participation is essential to help the Rosh Hodesh and Shevet groups continue to meet year after year.


At the beginning of the program year, which usually starts in September, you can work with the group leader to ensure that all meeting dates for the year are scheduled.  Coordinating schedules is often challenging and parent support is always welcome.

If your child’s group meets in participants’ homes, you can ensure that there is a host family lined up for each scheduled meeting.  If your child meets at your congregation or other host institution, you can work with your group leader or program supervisor to schedule meetings at the building and to provide snacks.


Moving Traditions values your feedback about your child’s experiences in their Rosh Hodesh or Shevet group.

Given the group’s intimate and confidential nature, other parents and members of the leadership may not even know that the group exists or how the participants like it. For that reason, we do not always know if a group is struggling. When you let us know, we can work with the group leader or their supervisor to tackle challenges. We put a high premium on handling negative feedback with sensitivity so that we uphold the Jewish value of respect – respect for your child, the group leader, and for all participants.

Conversely, if you are hearing positive feedback from your son or daughter about the group, please let everyone know!  You can spread the word by writing an article for your congregation or host institution’s newsletter, inviting the children to a board meeting or assembly to share their Rosh Hodesh or Shevet experience, and telling friends and relatives with middle and high school aged children about your child’s valuable experiences.

Adding New Groups

Your advocacy can help add new Rosh Hodesh and Shevet groups.  January or February is a great time for you to find out if your congregation or host institution is planning to add more groups.  You can play an important role in advocating for additional groups, perhaps for your younger children or friends’ children.

Continuing Your Child’s Group

You can play a key role in the continuation of your child’s group.  February or March is a great time to ask your son or daughter’s group leader whether he or she is planning to stay on with the Shevet or Rosh Hodesh group for the following program year. If the group will need to transition to another group leader, talk to your program supervisor and other parents about identifying someone to lead the group.  We might also be able to help identify someone for you.

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