Heart to Heart

Supporting Teens Virtually

Moving Traditions is now offering a five-session sampler of Heart to Heart conversations to help Jewish organizations (synagogues, JCCs, camps, day schools, etc.) provide the health, well-being, and positive Jewish connection that these organizations provide for thousands of Jewish youth.

Our shared goal is to empower the thousands of youth who feel isolated at home – to engage them in a series of positive youth development-based virtual programs that will reduce stress and help build resilience.

Heart to Heart: Five Teen Conversations

1. BFFs and more— Maintaining friendships and forming relationships online and off
  • Help teens to reflect on how their friendships and peer relationships have been impacted by the pandemic
  • Help teens to have realistic expectations about friends and peers
  • Introduce teens to Jewish values that can help them to navigate friendships
2. Freaking Out – Moving from stress and anxiety to balance and optimism
  • For participants to reflect on how their minds and bodies are responding to the prolonged stress and uncertainty of social distancing.
  • To have the opportunity to mourn some of the roles and experiences they have lost due to the pandemic.
  • To recognize that some of the usual ways that they cope with stress are less readily available to them due to the pandemic and social distancing, and explore new methods to cope and find balance given the ongoing stressful complexities—such as civic unrest due to racial injustice, as well the continuing implications of the pandemic—that continue around us.
  • To demonstrate that turning to Jewish wisdom and ritual during this stressful time can help them reach balance.
3. Ugh! What?! – Communicating with parents

In the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, this session helps teens to assess their own needs and communication styles and explore strategies for connecting with parents and others.

  • For preteens/teens to have a meaningful conversation about inter-personal communication within family systems.
  • For preteens/teens to each reflect on how they best show and receive love.
  • For preteens/teens to understand the communication needs of the members of their household.
4. Speak Out! Challenging sexism online and off
  • To reflect on personal attitudes about sexism and feminism.
  • To explore a range of perspectives on feminism and sexism.
  • To describe ways participants can speak out against sexism.
  • To identify your relationship with feminism and being or not being a feminist ally.
5. Racial Justice – Rage, riots, and righteousness

In this session, participants will hear and read the voices of people of color and Jews of color in reaction to the George Floyd murder and systemic racism more generally. They will process their own feelings and reactions and turn to Jewish wisdom for guidance in this moment.

  • To create space to hear and read the voices of people of color (specifically African Americans) and Jews of color in reaction to the George Floyd murder and the social uprising that has followed.
  • To process their own feelings and reactions in response to the George Floyd murder and the social uprising that has followed.
  • To acknowledge the need for critical media literacy in this moment. (optional step 2: apply skills).
  • To look at Jewish texts, wisdom, history, and practices that speak to this moment.
  • To help participants process what’s happening and offer inspiration, comfort, and a charge for action.


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For questions, please contact Eve Berger eberger@movingtraditions.org.

Moving Traditions offered a 90-minute training on June 26. Watch the video here.

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