Rosh Hodesh is Rebooting!

Rosh Hodesh Reboot

Given changes in girls’ lives, Moving Traditions is working with psychologists, educators, and other experts, as well as girls currently participating in Rosh Hodesh groups, to create a brand-new curriculum that updates themes and adds new activities—while ensuring that Rosh Hodesh continues to address teen girls’ real-life experiences with meaningful Jewish conversations.

The new curriculum:

  • Addresses the top issues and challenges in the lives of 8th and 9th grade Jewish teen girls today.
  • Provides group leaders with more choice and direction and offers them guidance in making curricular choices.
  • Engages a diversity of learning styles and incorporates new technologies by integrating modalities such as YouTube videos, games, social media, rituals, writing, arts & crafts, storytelling, and movement.

More information about the new curriculum may be found here.

A national independent evaluation found that Rosh Hodesh achieves its greatest impact on girls who participate for at least two consecutive years. As such, we are conducting a two-year pilot: we will pilot the new curriculum with 8th grade Rosh Hodesh groups in 2016-17, and then test the second year with the same groups continuing in 9th grade in 2017-18.

The Rosh Hodesh Reboot is generously funded by the Lasko Family Foundation.