Finding Freedom For All At Pesach

By Rabbi Tamara R. Cohen, Jewish Exponent, March 26, 2015

seder 2015Spring is finally arriving and Passover is on its way. I love this holiday. Of course, it’s exhausting and it always causes some domestic stress because my inner frum (observant) self does not pass over my house but comes right in, demanding to see that “Kosher for Passover” label on every over-priced grocery item. I love this holiday because my family and I eat food my grandmothers taught us how to make and we sing tunes our grandfathers brought with them from the Old Country. We take the time to notice who is no longer at the table, and how our circles of family have grown and changed. Most of all, I love this holiday because I love the stories and questions it engages us in. Pesach has the potential to bring us into conversations we don’t make enough time for the rest of the year, conversations based in our foundational story of having been slaves in Egypt and in our foundational commandment to remember that experience and use it as a guide in how we treat others and engage with the world.

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