The Women’s March, Antisemitism & Intersectional Jewish Women

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@13: A Moving Traditions Podcast

A podcast for parents who want to think differently about b'nai mitzvah.

Gender, Sex, and Power at Jewish Summer Camp Gender, Sex, and Power at Jewish Summer Camp

Gender, Sex, and Power at Jewish Summer Camp

Moving Traditions’ partnership with the Foundation for Jewish Camp to train camp professionals.

Rosh Hodesh

Learn more about how Moving Traditions inspires and empowers girls in the Jewish community 

Shevet Achim

Find out how Moving Traditions is pioneering a new model of connection for Jewish teen boys 


Moving Traditions emboldens teens by fostering self-discovery, challenging sexism, and inspiring a commitment to Jewish life and learning.

Coming To The Right Answer By Themselves: Talking With Boys About Sexual Assault

Heard on Morning Edition, October 10, 2018

Moving Traditions founder and CEO Deborah Meyer says the goal is not to tell teens how they should behave, but to give them the space and guidance to arrive at the right answer with their peers.

“We help guys uncover the tenderness and the connection and the joy in themselves, as a human being, and develop for themselves a sense of ethics and values and responsibility,” Meyer says.

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Thinking Differently About B’nai Mitzvah

By Rabbi Daniel Brenner, eJewishPhilanthropy, October 30, 2018

In the wake of #metoo, many families are questioning the practice of hiring young women to fawn over thirteen-year-old boys, but Vegas-style b’nai mitzvah celebrations continue to grab the headlines and to give pre-teens grandiose ideas about the party. Meanwhile, a quiet revolution is taking place in how today’s families are approaching the rite of passage of b’nai mitzvah. Two years ago, I sat with podcast producer Michele Siegel (SlateThe New York Times, and WNYC) and podcast host Sara Ivry (Vox Tablet) discussing the idea of exploring the contemporary b’nai mitzvah experience, untangling the complexities of gender, culture, class, and Jewish identity as they present themselves in family celebrations across the United States, and exploring the rite of passage as a contemporary threshold where a child doesn’t become an adult, but a teen.

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The Women’s March, Antisemitism & Intersectional Jewish Women

January 15, 2019

Many activist and feminist Jews are wondering whether to participate in the 2019 women’s marches this weekend in light of concerns about antisemitism. It is a complicated conversation. We created and shared this discussion plan with our group leaders to help guide a conversation with the teens in their Moving Traditions groups, Rosh Hodesh, Shevet, and Tzelem.

This discussion provides a rich opportunity for teens to listen to each other and engage in civil discourse on issues about which people have very different thoughts and feeling. It presents teens with a great way to think about activism and our various and overlapping identities —  often referred to as” intersectionality” —  including our concerns about gender, race, sexuality, and antisemitism.

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