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Telling the story at #Passover of the Israelites’ liberation from slavery has inspired generations to work for a better world. This Passover, in this challenging time, we invite you to download our new Seder supplement and share your family stories of overcoming adversity using #SederStory.

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Passover and the “Multi-Generational Self” Daniel Brenner

Passover and the “Multi-Generational Self”

So much about Passover is likely to be different this year for most of us—and yet, this fundamental idea will be exactly the same. We are commanded to tell our children and to remind ourselves of who we are. What happens when we take away the trappings of cooking an elaborate meal, of getting out our fancy Passover dishes (maybe we should do that anyway!), and of all of the tasks of hosting—what happens when we focus on the intergenerational transfer of identity? Can the story itself get bigger when we’re just telling the story?

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