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The Women’s March, Antisemitism & Intersectional Jewish Women

January 15, 2019

Many activist and feminist Jews are wondering whether to participate in the 2019 women’s marches this weekend in light of concerns about antisemitism. It is a complicated conversation. We created and shared this discussion plan with our group leaders to help guide a conversation with the teens in their Moving Traditions groups, Rosh Hodesh, Shevet, and Tzelem.

This discussion provides a rich opportunity for teens to listen to each other and engage in civil discourse on issues about which people have very different thoughts and feeling. It presents teens with a great way to think about activism and our various and overlapping identities —  often referred to as” intersectionality” —  including our concerns about gender, race, sexuality, and antisemitism.

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Are Jewish Men Pigs?

Personal Reflections on the role of Jewish education in the wake of #metoo

…the more I have thought about the Jewish men in the headlines, the more I have been considering the role that family dynamics, religious teachings, communities, and social conditions all play in forming our sexual fantasies, sexual experiences, and sexual ethics.

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