Hallel Abramowitz-Silverman Calls for Change

In this 41 second video, Israeli teenager Hallel Abramowitz-Silverman reflects on her activism in support of the rights of women and girls to pray at the Western Wall.

My dream is that…one day my little sister could have her bat mitzvah at the Kotel; that all our little sisters can have their b’not mitzvah at the Kotel. …we can make that happen. Change is happening. But it’s not an easy battle to win. More teens should be getting involved.

Moving Traditions is offering the opportunity for American teens to get involved in the struggle for gender equality in Judaism’s holiest site.  Find out how to get involved with One Moon, One Wall, One People.

Hallel Abramowitz-Silverman is a 12th grader living in Jerusalem. Her family made aliyah from Newton, Massachusetts where she attended the Jewish Community Day School (JCDS) in Watertown, MA. (She’s also Sarah Silverman’s niece.)

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