Talking to Teens in This Political Environment

As an organization that looks closely at how gender and society affect teens, we have been engaged, like many of you, in the presidential election and the gendered language and expectations swirling a...

Election 2016

As an organization dedicated to guiding teens to engage with complex issues of gender, Jewish identity and society, we, like many of you, are thinking about how to best provide opportunities to teens to talk about current events, post-election, regardless of who they supported in the presidential election. We hope this historic election can provide teens with an opportunity to discuss relevant issues about masculinity and femininity, men, women, and leadership and other issues as well. Here, we offer modules to enhance the Rosh Hodesh and Shevet experience, but they may be helpful to educators who are not facilitating our programs as well. While we offer two different approaches to this conversation, one written more for girls and the other more for guys, we hope you will read all the materials and pick and chose what feels most relevant and responsive and interesting to your groups—as the issues raised in each set of materials are relevant in different ways to teens of all genders.

Rosh Hodesh – The Election Module

Shevet – The Election Module