WOW Video

Moving Traditions asked participants in Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing!and Shevet Achim: The Brotherhood to submit slogans in support of Women of the Wall. 20 semifinalists were selected to make a video statement. Based on their videos, three teens were chosen to win a free trip to Israel where they will join Women of the Wall at the Kotel for Rosh Hodesh services.

Click on the picture to see the video:

Nation On My Shoulders (Like a Tallit)

Shaina Z. supports Women of the Wall:

We need to be able to stand up, loud and proud. If you knock us down, we will just get back up, a little louder and even more proud. The world sees equality among genders, that is, in most places, except at the wall. Our wall. The wall of our history, the wall — like the tallit — is the Jewish peoples past, present, and future.

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