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Today, the challenges for youth are greater than ever—and anxiety rates are spiking.

With social distancing and the continuing long-term threat of coronavirus, closed summer camps and postponed b’nai mitzvah, and concerns about racial and gender justice—on top of the ever-present challenges of being a preteen or teen—Jewish youth need our help now more than ever.

Together, with our partners across North America, Moving Traditions is helping more Jewish preteens and teens grow into adulthood with confidence, compassion, and a lifelong commitment to Jewish community.

  • Our programs connect Jewish wisdom to social-emotional learning and contemporary understandings of gender and identity to help Jewish youth figure out who they are, develop a moral compass, and relate to others with compassion and respect.
  • We research issues and create resources imbued with our unique approach to help preteens, teens and their parents explore and make meaning of the issues they care about most.
  • We train clergy, Jewish educators, and other adult mentors to facilitate open and honest conversations and transformative Jewish experiences.

In recent months, we have helped our partners respond to COVID-19, creating new responsive curricula and providing the technical support to move programs online. For the 2020-21 program year, we are creating a flexible framework for all our curriculum so that the programs can be delivered online or in person, as needed.

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The Moving Traditions B’nai Mitzvah Program: An Effective Model of Family Education

Our B’nai Mitzvah program enables clergy and Jewish educators to help families navigate this life stage by addressing the joys and challenges of becoming and parenting a teen.

  • Sessions frame the b’nai mitzvah experience as the process of “becoming a teen”
  • Family engagement sessions foster dialogue between parents and pre-teens
  • The social-emotional need of 6th and 7th graders are addressed

It was nice to be reminded that other families share the same conflicts, and to learn some concrete solutions that are rooted in Jewish tradition.

The family session was a good opportunity to start having meaningful conversations with my child.

Curriculum Overview B’nai Mitzvah Training
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The Moving Traditions Teen Groups: Helping Jewish Teens Grow

Our Teen Groups—Rosh Hodesh for girls, Shevet for boys, and Tzelem for trans and nonbinary teens—use Jewish teachings and a gender lens to help teens explore the issues they care about most such as body image, social and academic pressure, and friendship, romance, and sexuality.

Our group is really supportive of each other, and it’s a place where I can be myself and learn to be a better person.

It is a fun place to chill with my Jewish friends while learning about being a male teen in today’s world.

Our Teen Groups bring together thousands of 8th-12th graders each year through monthly meetings with a trained adult group leader to learn how to apply socio-emotional learning and Jewish wisdom to deal with the joys and challenges of adolescence. In our most recent evaluation:

  • 85% report that their Moving Traditions group helped them connect to other Jewish teens and to the Jewish community
  • 81% learned skills to help tackle challenges/problems when things get hard or stressful
  • 80% reported becoming more self-confident
  • 79% got to know themselves better
Curriculum Overview Teen Groups Training

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Partnering with You

Moving Traditions works with our partners to train their educators and facilitators to bring our programming to their communities. Partners access our curricular materials through an online portal, which are regularly updated based on feedback from those using the materials in the field. Throughout each program year, we distribute new material to address current events and issues as they arise.

We often offer advanced trainings, generally online, for our partners. In the past, topics have included Healthy Sexuality, Best Teen Recruiting Strategies, and more.

For more information about becoming a partner, please contact Sarah Fox. If you are ready to fill out our partnership application, please see the form below.

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Moving Traditions Orientation Webinar-An Information Session

Presented by

  • Pamela Barkley, Director of Strategic Implementation
  • Rabbi Daniel Brenner, Chief of Education
  • Sarah Fox, Senior National Program Manager

Learn about our programs for pre-teens and teens, and how they can have an impact on the youth in your community.

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Beyond Zoom-Mitzvah: B’nai Mitzvah Clergy Webinar

Presented by

  • Rabbi Daniel Brenner, Chief of Education
  • Pamela Barkley, Director of Strategic Implementation

Combining social-emotional learning models, positive youth development theory, and a musar-based approach to Jewish character development, Moving Traditions program offers a series of family education events that can be led by clergy and a series that is specifically geared towards the needs of 6th and 7th graders. The series for B’nai Mitzvah families has been adapted for online use for the 2020 year and we have added a new session on mitzvah projects that focuses on the differences between tzedakah, chesed, and tzedek. Below are two recordings of our past two webinars. Here is the PowerPoint that is used in both webinars.


July 22 Webinar:

Previous Webinar:


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Partnership Application

Are you ready to become a partner? We look forward to working with you to bring our programs to the youth of your community. The application below will take you about 10 minutes to complete.

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