Moving Traditions works with educators like you to engage Jewish youth through transformative programs, dynamic curriculum, and responsive resources to meet the rapidly changing needs of Jewish youth. We partner with synagogues and other Jewish institutions like yours to bring Moving Traditions programs (B-Mitzvah, Teen Groups, and Kulam) to communities across North America.  

Supervisors at our partner institutions hire and oversee teachers and adult mentors to implement our programs. With training and coaching on how to best support healthy youth development and lift up Jewish teen engagement, Moving Traditions staff work with our partners to foster strong Jewish identities and communities. With online trainings at a variety of convenient dates and times, we making it easier and less expensive for educators like you to participate. All our major programs can be implemented in person or online, providing great flexibility so you can adapt as needed. 

Access Moving Traditions’ Curriculum 

All Moving Traditions’ curriculum is available to partner educators 24-7 through our convenient Curriculum Portal, which is updated regularly based on feedback from educators like you. 

Curriculum Portal 

Our Programs 

Learn more about our suite of programs and request sample curriculum to get a taste of what our materials include. 

B-Mitzvah Family Education  

A framework for preteen family education, for 5th-7th graders and their parents to explore what it means to become and parent a teen 

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Teen Groups 

Transformative communities – including Rosh Hodesh, Shevet, and Tzelem – where youth explore who they are through Jewish and gender lenses, together with a trained mentor using a dynamic curriculum 

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Designed for educators to use in Hebrew High School settings, a curriculum that helps teens of all genders engage together in authentic conversations 

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Meyer-Gottesman Kol Koleinu Teen Feminist Fellowship 

A national fellowship for 10th-12th grade teens of all genders to gain confidence, build community, and develop agency as Jewish feminist changemakers 

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Jewish Identity & Racial Justice 

A pilot program to train teen leaders to engage as Jews and Zionists in activities, groups, and movements that advance racial equity 

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Training for staff who work with Jewish youth at camp and elsewhere about how to navigate gender, healthy boundaries, and more 

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Support for Educators 

Moving Traditions provides all partnering educators, facilitators, and mentors with: 

  • A field-tested curriculum based on extensive research, available online 
  • Vetting of potential group leaders 
  • Intensive national Training Conferences to learn how to implement our programs. 
  • Ongoing coaching and support for supervisors and group leaders throughout the program year 
  • The opportunity to be part of a network of educators who are pioneering a powerful model of Jewish learning and living 

Educators and program participants overwhelmingly report that Moving Traditions’ programs work:

  • 92% of educators say, “Moving Traditions’ program helped me connect Jewish wisdom to youth’s social-emotional development.” 
  • 91% of teens say, “My experience with Moving Traditions programs was good or great.” 
  • 92% of Kulam educators say the curriculum engaged their students and provided a structure for compelling conversations. 

Responsive Resources 

Moving Traditions continues to release responsive curricula over the course of the year on emerging issues that matter to Jewish youth. These curricula are available to all Jewish educators and professionals, whether you partner with us, or you are turning to Moving Traditions in the moment as events arise.  Access them in the Curriculum Portal or request a sample. We have resources available on topics including antisemitism, emerging from the pandemic, trans visibility, reproductive rights, and more.

“I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of the lessons, and the follow up resources. I can tell that Moving Traditions really cares about the wellbeing of teachers and students.” – Educator 

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