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Branding Guidelines and Logos

Below are links to resources that you may need when marketing or co-branding our programming. If you have any questions about how to access or use these resources, please contact us.

Branding Guidelines for Moving Traditions’ Partners.

Please use this document to learn how to use Moving Traditions’ logo, font, colors, and stock images.


To download images on this page (low-res only):

Click on the image so it pops out and shows you a larger image on your screen. Right click on the image and choose “Save image.”

For high resolution versions of the Moving Traditions logo, click here. For high resolution versions of the Rosh Hodesh, Shevet, and Tzelem logos, click here. Please use the preferred version whenever possible. For small applications, when the tagline may not be legible, you may instead use the alternative version.

Stock Images


Download the Assistant font briefcase
Learn how to install Assistant font on a PC, or on a Mac.