Is Drake’s ‘Re-Bar Mitzvah’ Video a Mockery of Judaism?

Rabbi Daniel Brenner writes in the Huffington ...

Rabbi Daniel Brenner writes in the Huffington Post:

As this video goes viral, there will be many who watch this video and wonder if there is anything redeeming about a tableau in which Jewish ritual is mixed in with braggadocio regarding testicles. I was not surprised that on YouTube, one of the more than 3,000 commentators said, “this is making a mockery of Judaism.” Another one said, “I am disappointed in YOU DRAKE! I would have thought YOU of all musicians had more respect for your religion. This video, placed with this song is COMPLETE BLASPHEMY! I WAS a HUGE Drake fan until I watched this video.” This song is, after all, verse about young men who romanticize a world of excess and alcohol and drugs and sex-crazed women — the very things we hope our young men are mature enough not to romanticize. Drake and Lil’ Wayne don’t have much to say other than the catchy chorus “HYFR” and the subtext of the song is something akin to “now that I made it, why are you always asking me about my personal life?”

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