Moving Traditions Boston Teen Groups Training Conference 2019

Boston Training: Sunday, July 14-Monday, July 15, 2019

Teen Mentor Reactions After Training

Rosh Hodesh

I have never felt so integrated – professionally and personally, as an adult Jewish woman and mother, a mentor, a community member, a learner. I grew as a person, made fast bonds with other incredible Jewish colleagues (now friends) and developed my facilitation skills that will help me as a bring Rosh Hodesh to my congregation and even in my own professional life. I am inspired and grateful.

I am not a Jewish educator by training or trade, but I am leaving training with the self-confidence to lead a Rosh Hodesh group and the self-awareness that it might not be perfect, but it will be of value and enriching for everyone involved. Thank you, Moving Traditions!

I have never felt so grounded in community, Jewish spirituality and self-image, and the critical importance of this work as I have at this training. The sacred space we created here was inspiring and deeply impactful, and one I will carry with me through the years to come.


Throughout the training I felt a sense of loss that I did not have this kind of education growing up, and a sense of excitement of what I can help provide for teens now.

This training addresses the often overlooked and under discussed issues that are vitally important to teens being able to be (and accept) themselves and respect other people in social settings.

Moving Traditions trained 24 teen mentors from 14 partners


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Just started Moving Traditions training! #motrcon

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