@13: A Moving Traditions Podcast

Stage Fright. Family dynamics. Social pressure. Mazel tov! 

For parents who want to think differently about b’nai mitzvah

The folks from Moving Traditions bring you @13, a six-episode podcast series that is pitch-perfect for parents and pre-teens going through the sometimes confusing, likely emotional, and certainly triumphant process of planning and becoming a Bat or Bar Mitzvah. We hear from rabbis, authors, comedians, psychologists, parents, and teens about the ancient roots and modern realities of this Jewish rite of passage. And we consider how to infuse meaning and connection into the process of becoming and parenting a teen. Listen now on iTunes or anywhere fine podcasts are served!

Producer: Michele Siegel (Slate, New York Times, WNYC)

Host: Sara Ivry (host of the award-winning Vox Tablet podcast)

Guests include: Peggy Orenstein, Mark Oppenheimer, Rabbi Sharon Brous, Rachel Simmons, Andrew Smiler, and more.


Episode 1 – At Thirteen

Episode 2 – Being Incredibly Nervous

Episode 3 – I Want To Fit In

Episodes Coming Soon

Episode 4: “A Moment of Blessing”

Parents and teens speak to Sara about the spiritual side of the rite of passage – and rabbis offer diverse perspectives on where the holiness can be found in the b’nai mitzvah experience.

Episode 5: “Party Hearty”

Sara hears not only from DJs and party planners, but cultural critics and concerned parents as she explores the social pressures on teens and parents as they plan “the party.”

Episode 6: “Sunrise, Sunset”

Sara’s guests explore parent-teen communication, both in public speeches about each other at their special events and how fostering healthy communication skills becomes increasingly important as teens journey from middle to high school.

Guests include:

  • Peggy Orenstein,author of Girls and Sex and Cinderella Ate My Daughter 
  • Andrew Smiler, Ph.D.,author of Dating and Sex: The Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy 
  • Rachel Simmons,author of Odd Girl Out 
  • Rabbi Sharon Brous, spiritual leader of the Los Angeles community, Ikar 
  • Mark Oppenheimer, author of Thirteen and A Day, host of Tablet’s Unorthodox podcast
  • Wendy Shanker, author of Are You My Guru? and The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life 
  • Jordana Horn, parenting expert and Kveller contributing editor
  • Sara Voit, Ph.D.,founder of Puberty Concierge 

As well as comedy from Joel Chasnoff and interviews with tweens, parents, party planners, MCs, DJs, and Moving Traditions staff!



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