Moving Traditions for B’nai Mitzvah

Moving Traditions B’nai Mitzvah Program

In 2018, Moving Traditions launched a new national program for b’nai mitzvah students and their families in partnership with more than forty Jewish communal institutions in nine cities.  

With a field-tested curriculum designed by rabbis, social workers, and psychologists, the program applies Moving Traditions’ unique informal education model to the social realities of sixth and seventh graders and their parents. “What does it mean to become a teen?”, “How do I navigate being the center of attention?” “What are the obligations of hosts and guests?” “How is parenting a teen different then parenting a child?” – these questions animate a program that includes interactive group games, relevant Jewish text study, critical thinking about gender norms and popular culture, and reflections on personal ethical decisions.? 

If you are connected to a Jewish congregation or other organization providing b’nai mitzvah celebrations and are interested in bringing the new Moving Traditions B’nai Mitzvah program to your community, find out more here.  

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