Through CultureShift, Moving Traditions trains staff who work with Jewish youth at camp and elsewhere about how to navigate gender, healthy boundaries, and more. Over the last decade, Moving Tradition’s CultureShift initiative has helped dozens of summer camps, youth groups, and Israel trip providers – training staff members of all ages how to handle some of the most challenging aspects of gender, sexuality, and power dynamics when working with adolescents.

What sets Moving Traditions approach to these issues apart from others is that we delve into the underlying gender and social codes that influence behavior and we explore how Jewish values on personal spiritual growth (shleimut), inter-personal communication and healthy relationships (hesed), and social change (tzedek) can help all teens to thrive.

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We envision a world where every staff member working with Jewish youth can:

  • Model appropriate touch that is consensual, supportive, playful, comforting, and respectful
  • Challenge the use of sexist, homophobic, and transphobic language
  • Navigate questions about appropriate and inappropriate dress without shaming others
  • Help turn down pressure around crushes, romance, and hook-ups
  • Create inclusive communities that support diverse expressions of gender and sexuality
  • Communicate organizational policy by articulating the Jewish values that underly the policy


In 2020, Moving Traditions worked with BBYO and JCCA to develop a series of nine staff training videos on issues of inter-personal communication regarding sexism, harassment, consent, and boundary setting, which is just one of the extensive set of staff training tools that we now offer youth serving organizations.

Rabbi Daniel Brenner, Moving Traditions’ VP of Education, leads the CultureShift Initiative and he has written extensively on issues of touch (Can We Hug Now?) and sexual assault (Teaching Teens Consent) with a particular focus on the challenges of educating teen boys and male staff. You can read more about the impact of CultureShift in the Jewish Journal, Jewish Exponent, and The Washington Post. Questions? Contact Rabbi Daniel Brenner at