Start a Los Angeles Community Group

If you are in Los Angeles and are interested in starting a Rosh Hodesh or Shevet Achim Community Group for your teen that is unaffiliated with an institution, we can help! To start, we recommend recruiting a total of 8–12 girls or guys in the same grade, starting in 8th grade or older, who are interested in bonding with one another and connecting to Jewish community in a meaningful way that is relevant to their lives. (Not all of the participants in each group need to know each other already, and we can help you recruit!)

We’ll do the rest, including:

  • Matching a trained adult mentor to your group
  • Providing an easy-to-use registration system
  • Scheduling, with a parent liaison, gathering times and places
  • Creating a valuable, engaging, and fun experience for your teen!

Start an LA Moving Traditions Community Group for your teen!

Click here to learn more about LA Community Groups.

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