Kol Koleinu 2020-2021 Social Change Projects

An important component of the Kol Koleinu Feminist Teen Fellowship is the development of social change projects in which groups of fellows tackle an issue related to sexism that affects them or the people they care about and work to educate their peers, the Jewish community and the larger world. With appreciation to the incredible mentors who guided them, Moving Traditions is pleased to present these 2020-21 social change projects

Eastern Cohort

Ghostlight: Storytelling for Visibility Hannah Stober & Sari Bovitz
Periods and ME: Menstruation Education Orli Hockenstein & Dahlia Miller
Between Me, You, and Us; Workshop Series Maya Kendall and Danielle Gruber
The English Language, the Earth, and Sexism Sasha Rosenfeld & Shoshana Hirschmann
Pinch Our Petals with Their Fingers: an Anthology on Gender Gloria Blumenkrantz & Foster Schrader
My Body, My Choice Emma Green and Isabel Ginns
Finding Feminism: An Anthology of Women in Literature Maya Gardos, Izy Lusk, and Samantha Renzulli
WNBA Fantasy Galya Cohen and Cecily Kolko

Central Cohort

empowHER magazine Daisy Friedman, Lexi Cohn, and Sophie Homberger
Women’s Health Education Redefined Sammie Reinstein , Zoe Wertlieb, & Paulina Tein
Body Odyssey Podcast Mabel Glaser, Leah Anderson, Mia Medney
Women in Politics Claire Schwartz, Tess Armon, & Hope Wahrman
LgbtQuestions Noemi Gilbert, Jocelyn Freed, Ani Alpert

Western Cohort

Chaverim del Mundo Gabrielle Biederman & Maya Lurvey
Boss(y): Exploring the double standard in all areas of female life Michayla Brown & Julia White
Intertwined Expressions Genevieve Kennebrae & Emily Renetzky
Abortion Education Izzie Baron & Julia Gentin
Queeriosity- An LGBTQ Resource Guide for High School Educators Laine Schlezinger
Internalized misogyny in language and behavior Zoe Lanter
Blog about Intersectionality Eliana Becker
A STAND Miri Pottebaum & Hannah Kupferwasser
Your Body, Your Image Allie Tarkoff, Ava Lifton, & Adina Kurzban

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2019-2020 Kol Koleinu Fellows’ Project:

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