Webinars on Adapting Curriculum to an Online Platform

Presented by

  • Pamela Barkley, Vice President of Program
  • Jen Anolik, Fellowship Director
  • Julia Papiyan, California Regional Director

Level 1: Adapting Curriculum

This webinar shares straightforward tricks for how to turn in-person curriculum into web-based learning, so partners can continue providing Jewish preteens and teens with their B’nai Mitzvah, Rosh Hodesh, Shevet and Tzelem sessions, as well as other programming. We review some basic modalities (barometers, paper bag activities, post it note activities) and show you how to easily transfer them to the online world!

Click here for the poem and meditation shared during this webinar.

Helpful Links

  1. Answer Garden (what we used asking everyone “what is one thing that is bringing you joy?” )
  2. Poll Everywhere (we used zoom polls but this is another way to do polling)
  3. Zoom guides

Level 2: Adapting Curriculum


Join us as we run through a typical session with teens and show you the ways in which activities can be done in an innovative way online. We will cover the use of breakout rooms, whiteboards and other more advanced features as well as provide practical tips for working in these unusual circumstances.

This webinar builds on the content offered in our recent webinars, and is designed to take you to the next level while sharing ideas and resources.

Click here for Jen Anolik’s meditation shared at at the end of the webinar.

Helpful Links

  1. Padlet.com (the website we used to share photos of what is keeping you grounded. A great resource for creating a starting ritual, or just allowing students to share and comment on each other’s work)
  2. The Game Gal (shared by Jacob Chatinover during the call)
  3. https://www.thegamegal.com/word-generator/ (shared by Jacob Chatinover during the call)
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