Adapting Online Curriculum: A Poem & A Meditation

And they assembled And Moses said dayam: enough. Enough, enough....

A Poem by Rabbi Tamara Cohen

And they assembled

And Moses said dayam: enough.
Enough, enough.

What is needed now is just this: to stop, withdraw,
bring/do/perform/gather no more

Let the silver glare of a silent sanctuary,
The gold blue of a plane-less sky
The garnet sheen of an empty concert hall
Be our sacred offering
Meager gifts of absence from wise and less wise-hearted people.

Please God let our ceasing be enough
Let our hospital beds be enough
Let our slow awakening to the interconnectedness of every living being be enough
Let a cloud of great stillness rest at the entrance to every home and prison.
Let this plague pass over us, enough of us.

A Meditation by Jen Anolik (led by Julia Papiyan)

I invite everyone to close your eyes if you’re comfortable doing so

take a deep breath in and breath it out.

Notice the place where your chair connects with your legs and back,
where your feet connect with the floor.

Notice any sounds or smells in the space around you.

Now I invite you to open your eyes and take a look around
at all of the faces on your screen.

We are all physically distant from each other but still very much connected.

If we were together, I’d ask us to put our arms around each other

Instead, I invite you give yourselves a hug or grasp your hands together
so we can all feel connected.