Bring Moving Traditions to Your Passover Seder Table

If you want to bring something different to Passover this year, this is the only place where you can find all of the seder supplements Moving Traditions has created over the years.

Browse through the links below, or click here to see our latest seder supplement.

The supplements are free for you to download and print so that everyone at your seder table can experience the kind of stimulating conversations we foster in our Rosh Hodesh and Shevet groups.

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This Passover, Share Your Story and Inspire Resilience

Youth who know more family stories—including about overcoming challenges—show higher well-being, with higher self-esteem, academic and social competence, and fewer behavior problems.

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Healthy Debate: How This Night Can Be Different

Moving Traditions believes that when we come together face-to-face to honestly explore challenging issues, we bring meaning and joy to our lives. This is the beauty of our programs, from b’nai mitzvah family education sessions to ground-breaking teen groups, Rosh Hodesh for girls, Shevet for boys and Tzelem for trans-gender and non-binary teens. Here’s a way for you to bring the experience to your Seder.

Passover, #MeToo, and a Mirror on Your Seder Plate

Thirty years ago, feminists added Miriam and the midwives to our seders. But this year, to address the #metoo movement and our societal need for deep reckoning around gender, sexuality, and power, it is time to take a step further. I propose that we do so by adding mirrors to our seder plates this year.


We All Make The Seder

“The practice in many families is for one person, often a male head of household, to lead the seder. This year, we are thinking about leadership differently than in past traditions. The story of Passover is filled with shared leadership.”

From Moses and Aaron to Shifra and Puah, explore examples of shared leadership in our 2017 seder resource.


Hiding and Finding the Matzah—and Ourselves

“Can you recall a time when you discovered something new about yourself—a hidden talent or trait that sets you apart? Why do we sometimes hide who we are, even from ourselves? What makes us feel safe enough to reveal what we’ve hidden?”

Explore these questions and more in our 2016 seder supplement, focusing on the afikomen.

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With Outstretched Arms

Passover makes us think about the women who made the Exodus possible by standing up for freedom and what is right.

Miriams Cup

Miriam and Elijah: Two Cups for Your Seder

Moving Traditions encourages you to add a Miriam’s cup to your seder table alongside that of Elijah.


Reeds on the Seder Table: A Moving Traditions Passover Exploration

Three Insights from the Tale of a Young Egyptian Woman This Passover, we suggest adding the story of a courageous woman to round out your seder – that of Bat Paro, the daughter of Pharaoh. Adding reeds to the table will recall Bat Paro’s spirit and remind us to stand up for what is right.

We Won’t Get Fooled Again: Helping Teens Identify Pharaoh

A boy is tricked into being part of a game with other boys only to find out that he is the target of mockery and abuse. A girl is happy to be included as a “friend” at a lunch table until she finds it was only a ploy to get back at another girl. A boy is “hit on” as part of a practical joke. A girl is lured into an unwelcomed physical encounter. Being fooled is one of the many challenges that teens face on a daily basis. The challenge is new – and old.

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