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Have you or someone you love been positively impacted by a Moving Traditions program? Please take a moment to share with us a few words about the experience so that we can spread the word.

Without Rosh Hodesh, I wouldn’t have had a home, a place to check in, to reevaluate who I am, my dreams, and my values. Every month when we meet, I get to clear my mind, and prepare for the following month focused and prepared for the coming weeks. I love Rosh Hodesh, it is one of the most important Jewish connections I have, one that I cherish and need as a part of my life.

– Elana, Teen Participant, Los Angeles, California

In my professional life I have been to many corporate trainings run for executives in the pharmaceutical industry and I have seen a lot of training styles. The Moving Traditions training was excellent. It was focused on the development of teen boys and stressed the need to think about play as an essential element of informal education. I love text study, and thought that I could just get the guys to sit and study text. Now I realize that combining games and text is a better model for teen boys. They see the power dynamics in games and that gives them a great basis for moving into text.

 -Dr. Bruce Reidenberg, Group Leader, Rye, New York


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Tell Us Your Story


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