Parents of Teens

Moving Traditions’ programs fill an important need in teens’ lives. Through supportive peers, an inspiring adult mentor, and of course your love and support as a parent, we empower your teen to grow into a healthy, successful, and connected Jewish adult. 

Our teen groups, classroom curricula, and leadership initiatives will challenge your teens to think critically about and apply Jewish wisdom to the issues that matter to them most, including academic stress, friendship, body image, and peer pressure. 


Teen Programs 


Teen Groups 

Transformative communities – including Rosh Hodesh, Shevet, and Tzelem – where youth explore who they are through Jewish and gender lenses, together with a trained mentor using a dynamic curriculum 

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Designed for educators to use in Hebrew High School settings, a curriculum that helps teens of all genders engage together in authentic conversations 

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Meyer-Gottesman Kol Koleinu Teen Feminist Fellowship 

A national fellowship for 10th-12th grade teens of all genders to gain confidence, build community, and develop agency as Jewish feminist changemakers 

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Jewish Identity & Racial Justice 

A pilot program to train teen leaders to engage as Jews and Zionists in activities, groups, and movements that advance racial equity 

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Find a Program 

Locate a teen group or Kulam class at a partner near you. 

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Raising Up Teens 

Moving Traditions also offers a series of free webinars throughout each year for parents of Jewish youth. Raising Up Teens programs feature experts tackling a variety of topics, offer relevant Jewish wisdom, and practical resources that you can use to help your teens thrive.  

Previous sessions have included: 

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A Parent’s Role in Moving Traditions’ Teen Groups 

As a parent or guardian, you can play an important role in ensuring the success of your teen’s Rosh Hodesh, Shevet, or Tzelem group. In many communities, mothers and fathers provide the glue that is needed to ensure that their teens’ groups continue to meet. 

  • You can help your local Jewish institution recruit participants for Rosh Hodesh, Shevet and Tzelem by spreading the word to your friends with teens. (It’s no secret that friends listen to friends!) 
  • You can also help by hosting an introductory “Taste-of” session for other parents and teens. One parent built a group in a record-breaking 48 hours! 
  • In the spring, check in with your child’s group leader or the decision-maker at your congregation or JCC to let them know that you hope the group will continue in the following year. Data shows that the outcomes for your teen get even better as they continue in their group for multiple years. 
  • Parents have also helped find excellent group leaders and hosted special events for group participants outside of their formal meeting times. 

The program is wonderful, and it is group leaders like Phil who help our teens move so gracefully from middle schoolers to high school almost-graduates while staying connected to their religion and culture, and becoming more thoughtful and introspective guys. THANK YOU!! 

– Shevet Parent, Westchester, NY 

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