Meaning-Making for Teens: An Interview with Deborah Meyer

RoshHodeshA new interview with Deborah Meyer in the Covenant Foundation’s online magazine, Sightline, looks at how Moving Traditions helps teens find and stay connected to their kol dmama daka, the still small voice within. At Moving Traditions, we believe that when Judaism promotes self-discovery, challenges traditional gender roles, and celebrates a diversity of voices, it has the power to move our teens, our communities, and Judaism forward. Through our field-tested programs Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing! and Shevet Achim: The Brotherhood, Moving Traditions creates experiences that inspire Jewish teens to openly explore fundamental questions of identity and society. We help teens reach their full potential by connecting relevant content with enduring Jewish values, and by fostering positive peer-to-peer relationships through our trained mentors. The Covenant Foundation helped launch Rosh Hodesh in 2002-2004 and Shevet Achim in 2010-2012, and the Foundation continues to engage Moving Traditions as it explores the frontiers of Jewish education.

Read the article and find out more here.

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