We are delighted to announce that Moving Traditions has been named one of 17 “standard bearer” organizations in the ninth annual Slingshot Guide to Jewish Innovation.

buttons-13-14-SB JPEG versionStandard Bearer

Moving Traditions has been included in the Slingshot Guide for the 8th time, and for the second consecutive year as a Standard Bearer. The Guide called Moving Traditions “a catalyst for changing the way the Jewish community engages with and impacts teens and tweens and the adults who work with them.”

Click here to see our page in the Slingshot Guide.

buttons-13-14-women JPEG versionWomen & Girls Supplement

Moving Traditions is also proud to be named one of 18 leading Jewish organizations committed to impacting the lives of women and girls. “Within the safe space created by Moving Traditions, middle and high school-aged girls can overcome insecurities and connect the dots between their most pressing concerns and Jewish wisdom.”

Click here to see our page in the Slingshot Guide Women & Girls Supplement.

buttons-13-14 JPEG versionAbout the Slingshot Guide

The Slingshot Guide, now in its ninth year, was created by a team of young funders as a guidebook to help funders of all ages diversify their giving portfolios to include the most innovative and effective organizations, programs and projects in North America. The Guide is the foremost comprehensive resource into today’s most groundbreaking and significant organizations, projects and programs of the North American Jewish community. The book, published annually, is available in hard copy and as a free download at www.slingshotfund.org.

 Watch our short video for the Slingshot Guide:

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