Demystifying Teen Language Around Gender

Are you having a hard time deciphering the gender language of the preteens and teens in your life?  Are you confused as to what it represents and why it matters so much to teens of all genders?

Moving Traditions invites you to join Alisha Pedowitz (she/her), director of teen education, and Rabbi Daniel Brenner (he/him), vice president of education, as we moderate a conversation with real families and educators; and offer practical advice on how to let your teens take the lead in teaching you what gender expansiveness means.  We’ll also explore the Jewish interpretation of G-d as encompassing of all genders, and how it can facilitate our recognition of a gender expansive identity.

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CultureShift 2022

We envision a world where every camp counselor or camp staff member can Challenge the use of sexist language by campers or colleagues Model consensual touch that is supportive, playful, comforting, and respectful Help turn down pressure around…

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